Review: Aqua Blue by Marian L. Thomas

aqua blue coverTitle: Aqua Blue

Author: Marian L. Thomas

Where I Got It: Marian contacted me and asked me if I would review her newest book. I also reviewed another one of her books last year, which can be found by clicking here.

Why I Read It: Because the first book I ever read from Marian was very good, I wanted to read more by her. Plus, I can never pass up a book!

Rating: 5 Book Marks

“Best friends Aqua Blue and Haley, grew up together in the small town of Jackson County, Tennessee. Each had aspiring dreams to move to the big city of New York, vowing to stay friends what come may. But when secrets are revealed, their friendship is soon put to the test, and the strings that once were thought to be so strong, begin to unravel.” –Excerpt taken from the inside, back of the book, almost to the very end.


I felt like the above passage was the best way to pretty much sum up this book. There are of course some other important parts and important characters that are in the book, but you can find that when you read the book, or do some research on it. 😉

I absolutely loved this book. It was the kind of book that you just had to keep turning the page, no matter what you had to do… have to do homework? It isn’t going to happen if you’re reading Aqua Blue. Need to go to the store? Again, not going to happen when you’re reading Aqua Blue. I stayed up many nights way past my bed time to read this book. Let me list the things I loved most.

  • The characters. Every single one of them. Well, maybe except Jack. He was a little scary, and I was not sure what he was up to. However, every character I felt like I knew. I felt like I had a connection with them all.
  • The way the book was written. I like a book with short-ish chapters in it, or quite a few stopping points. I felt like having more chapters, but short chapters made it a very easy read.
  • The book was also broken up into parts. I like when books are like that, it makes me feel like we will get to see different parts to the characters and their lives.
  • Detail. Most of the book had a lot of detail, giving you descriptions on how each person was feeling, what they were like, etc. That is one of the many things that make me feel so connected to characters.

There are so many reasons I enjoyed this book. Mostly, it was enjoyable because of the characters. They were all amazing and I just had such a connection to them all.

With all of that said, there were only two things that I did not really enjoy. One of them was that towards the end of the book, it jumped quite a bit. Aqua Blue and Haley both had grown up considerably and had been in New York for quite some time, then it jumps to part 4, which is fine. I just wished that there were a little bit more detail in how and why they got where they did, what all happened between first arriving in New York, etc. While there was a lot of detail throughout the book, I was just a little disappointed that these parts were left unsettled.

The only other part that I sort of did not enjoy (and I am sure Marian had a reason for it we do not know yet) was the tie in two her other three books she has out. Tying those books in, no matter how it is done is not a bad thing, but it was not really mentioned or more detail on why they were tied in. Again, though, Marian may be planning on telling us in the future with another book. Who knows. 😉

I definitely recommend this book. It is a must read, and I promise you that you will enjoy the book immensely. If you read it, or plan to read it or when you do read it, please tell me what you think!

5 book marks


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