Review: Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Where I Got It: Amazon

Why I Read It: Karen Kingsbury has been one of my favorite authors for quite some time now. I have heard lots and lots of things about Karen’s newest series, and wanted to read it.

Rating: 4 Books Marks

I have heard a ton of different things about the Angels Walking series. Karen Kingsbury has a way of taking a story and using the characters within the story and really making you feel. If you believe in God, faith, the Bible, etc. then any of Karen’s books are books you should be reading. The way she uses faith in Christ to make a story line is beyond beautiful. There really are no words to describe how she can make you feel like it is more than a book you are reading. Karen has a way of making the characters in any of her books, especially Angels Walking, feel like they’re your friends, and/or family.

This book is about a group of Angels who come together for town hall meetings in Heaven and they get assignments in helping those who may be struggling in some way. Or may have lost faith in Jesus Christ. Once these Angels are given an assignment, they walk our Earth and they do things are “regular people” to try and help those within the assignment to believe again, allow miracles to happen, etc.

One of the characters, Tyler Ames, is a baseball player, trying to make it to the big leagues, and following his dreams. He suffers are career-ending injury, which basically causes him to hit rock bottom with a bunch of other mishaps that happen along the way. The Angels Walking Team are given this assignment to lead Tyler in the right direction for small miracles to happen in the time he has hit rock bottom, leading to  one big miracle that he’s always wanted.

Within the story of Tyler, there are a few other characters, Sami and Virginia who are also apart of Tyler’s life, and in some ways, help him within his life of hitting rock bottom and bringing him back to the top.

Angels Walking is a book where it may sometimes seem “unreal” because of the Angels Walking Team and their town meetings in Heaven, but until we’ve been to Heaven, how do we know that doesn’t really exist? Regardless, Karen has a way of bringing every single one of these characters to life in a way where you will laugh with them, cry with them, and feel their pains and everything they’re going through.

Honestly, I would give this book 5 books marks as a rating, but the only reason that I gave it 4 book marks is because I felt like this book was not as God and faith focused as the rest of her books were. Yes, it is focused on that and it is the general message, but I felt like it needed more faith base like the rest of her books.

I highly recommend you read this book. The ending leads you right into the book which is called, Chasing Sunsets, and is waiting for me on hold at the library right now.

4 book marks

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