Review: Chasing Sunsets by Karen Kingsbury

chasing SunsetsAuthor: Karen Kingsbury

Where I Got It: Library

Why I Read It: Karen Kingsbury is one of my favorite authors, and this book is the second book in her Angels Walking series.

Rating: 5 Books Marks


In my review of Angels Walking (which is the first book in this three book series), I talked about how Karen Kingsbury takes her characters and makes them feel like you really know. Like you are able to be their friend or family in real life. In Chasing Sunsets, she did not disappoint and as usual, you felt like you really knew her characters.

One of the biggest things I enjoyed most about this book, is that it literally picks up right where the first book left off. The epilogue in Angels Walking was picked right back up immediately in the prologue of Chasing Sunsets. I think this comes in super handy it you were reading each book as they were coming out instead of getting the chance to read them one after another like I am.

I mentioned in my other post about Angels Walking that I was a little bit disappointed that there wasn’t more faith talk, or speaking about God and Jesus like her other books. However, in Chasing Sunsets, this changed. There was a lot more religion talk, and that made me feel a lot better about the series. If you are into religion, and/or are Christian, etc. again, Karen Kingsbury books are the way to go.

Something else I enjoyed about this book is that it was an easy read. It is 310 pages long, but has shorter chapters. Sometimes I feel like when books are like that, they have a rushed feeling. However, even with shorter chapters, I did not feel like the book was rushed at all. In fact, I feel like it was very detailed, and well thought out.

The characters in this series stay with the story through out the book, however, each book has a bit more focus on certain characters than the first. For example, in Angels Walking, the focus was on the character Tyler, and his girlfriend Sami. In Chasing Sunsets, the focus is on Mary Catherine and another pro baseball player, Marcus. I am excited to read her third book in the series, Brush of Wings, to see who is the focus next.

Overall, I have to say that Chasing Sunsets was my favorite book by Karen Kingsbury, and a whole lot better than the first book in the series.

5 book marks

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