Review: Brush of Wings by Karen Kingsbury

brush-of-wingsAuthor: Karen Kingsbury

Where I Got It: Library

Why I Read It: It was the final book in the Angels Walking series.

Rating: 4 Book Marks



This is the third book in the series by Karen called the Angels Walking series. I have read and reviewed the first two books, which can be found by clicking here, and here.

With that said, I have to say that this book was well written, and Karen took all of the characters throughout the whole series, and continued to make you feel like you really knew her characters, as she always does. My most favorite thing about this book, and this series, is that the same characters stories were continued, and books one and two started back up exactly where they were left off.

Something I have found when reviewing books, it is so hard not to give away too much information, or too many spoilers. But at the same time, I want to give you my true feelings. It’s a catch 22. However, I will do my best in reviewing this book in a way that I feel will help readers understand where I am coming from.

The Angels Walking series is mainly about a team of Angels in Heaven who are given assignments here on Earth, to protect them and bring them to areas of their lives to further better themselves. We saw this in all three books with the characters Sami and Tyler, Marcus and Mary Catherine, and then Lexy, a troubled teen.

In this book, Karen takes Mary Catherine on an incredible ride. Mary Catherine is the type of person who believes that you are given today for a reason, and you need to live life to the fullest. This has been Mary Catherine’s character from the very beginning of book 1, and it is even more apparent in book 3. She is faced with a near death experience, in which her world is turned upside down, and she has to figure out a way to get the help she needs with her health issues, and she needs to figure it out quickly. I won’t say exactly what is wrong with her (because I can’t remember if it is mentioned in the description of the book, or not), but I will say this; I am giving this book 4 book marks out of 5, simply because we do not find out 100% what happens with Mary Catherine’s health. We are given some information, but when the book ends, you are still left with one question, “What happens next?”

With that question asked, it also makes me wonder if sometime Karen will add to her 3 book series, to tell us what happens with Mary Catherine a few other characters where we are kind of left with a cliff hanger. Lexy, for example, we are unsure of what exactly happens with her down the road.

Overall, this book was pretty good. I would definitely recommend this book, as well as the entire series. This is definitely a series that would need to be read, in order.

Let’s all hope that Karen eventually decides to keep these characters going in future books, so we can continue to see their lives unfold.

4 book marks


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