Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns Book ImageAuthor: John Green

Where I Got It: Meijer

Why I Read It: It was becoming a movie, and I read his other book and fell in love with him as an author

Rating: 5 Book Marks

Overview: Paper Towns is about a group of friends who lose their friend Margo. She has disappeared from their lives, leaving behind clues to where she is. Quentin, her next door neighbor and best friend, wants and needs to find her. They do their research and start their search into finding Margo. But, is she alive, or dead? And where in the world, could she be?


Where do I even begin with this book!? I am having so many mixed feelings. Mixed emotions. Happy. Sad. Mad. Angry. Emotional. This book made me feel SO much stuff!

First of all, what was that ending!? I love John Green, and love the way he writes. But that ending!? It’s hard for me to even say much about it without giving away spoilers. All I can say is that the ending was not what I was hoping for, or what I was expecting. I want more. I have questions. What is going to happen with Margo? Lacey? Ben? Quentin? Radar? I need to know! We followed these characters from beginning to end. From high school parties to Prom and to graduation. What happens next?

End rant on the ending.

One thing I liked about this book, was the knowledge given of Paper Towns. Have you ever heard of the term Paper Town before? It’s a real thing. I never heard of it before this book, and it makes me want to do some research and see if I can find a Paper Town near me to visit. Again, I don’t want to give too much away. It wouldn’t necessarily be a spoiler, but I think it would take away from the book if you found out before reading it yourself.

The second thing I liked about this book, is how it is laid out. When you open the book, it starts off just like any other book does, with chapter 1 and continues the chapter. As the book goes on, you see a section that comes up as “Part 2”. The reason I like this about the layout of the book, is because each section of the book (it has three sections) is about that particular event(s) that is happening. While it is still broken down into chapters (which helps for stopping points, in my “professional” opinion), but it also breaks the book up just enough to make you feel like you’re really living the book.

I didn’t really dislike much about the book, other than my rant about the ending at the beginning of my review, but if I did have to pick one thing I would say that I found myself getting mad at Margo. I kept thinking, “who does she think she is acting this way?” And I kept getting mad that the story kept going the way it was. They kept trying to find and use these clues that Margo “nonchalantly” left for them, but they weren’t helping, and I was getting mad at Margo. I kept thinking, “seriously, Margo, why didn’t you leave better clues!?”. I don’t know that I would necessarily say that it is an “issue” with the book, I guess I just wish it was written a bit differently. But, I’m no author, so what do I know? Haha! In a way, feeling this way is a good thing, because any book that makes you FEEL, is a good book. Which also brings me back to the ending, why did it end that way after I was getting so mad at Margo in the first place!? I won’t go into that rant again, because I’m pretty sure you get my drift.

With all of that said, it was a great book. I couldn’t put it down, and I kept finding excuses to keep reading. I would stay up way passed my bed time to read it, and I haven’t found a book like that in a while.

I will for sure, hands down, give this book 5 out of 5.

5 book marks



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